Thursday, October 27, 2011


Here is a good news for the students who want to make a career in adventure a first of its kind in India.The Indian defense ministry will set up a National Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports(NIMAS) in Arunachal Pradesh to train military personnel and civilians.Recently the Indian Union Cabinet  cleared the defense ministry proposal for the establishment of NIMHAS at Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh at an initial cost of Rs.81 crore. It is reported that it will be the first of its kind where theoretical and practical training for activities relating to mountaineering, aero-adventure and aqua adventure would be conducted.The students will be from India and abroad including armed forces and paramilitary personnel, NCC cadets and students sponsored by state governments.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dimapur Sumi Students Union Career Counseling Workshop

Hi All! Now I am sharing my good experience of conducting a Career Counseling workshop for School and College students of Dimapur, Nagaland on 14th October 2011. The workshop was meticulously organised by Dimapur Sumi Students Union (DSSU)  under the theme `Engraving tomorrow vision’. I am thankful to DSSU to invite me for the occasion. It was held at Town Hall, Dimapur from 9am to 5pm on 14th October.

The workshop was attended by college and higher secondary students of Dimapur, including present and past students of the student’s union and others. DDSU president, Vitoka V. Awomi and other members of the organizing committee expressed that the sole purpose of organizing this seminar was to create awareness among students preparing for the next level and also give them the exposure and instill in them a competitive spirit. 

I tried to familiarize the students with the visions and objectives of career path particularly with reference to Naga students. No doubt Nagaland lacks awareness in career counseling and guidance and such programes should be given to students starting from their 10th standard so that an appropriate career and stream can be opted by them (students) without any confusion and hassle. I found that students were so presentable with good English communication skills. But were introvert and lack the competitive spirit. Too much obsessed with in the comfort zone.I sincerely encouraged them to develop positive attitude and a feeling to what is happening around them and to think beyond the confine of their comfort zone. Most of the students are confined to the idea of Government jobs only. But after interacting with them i could find that they are fittest candidates to Private and MNC jobs particularly in the professional courses of Business Management, Travel and Tourism, Information Technology, Hotel Management, Law, Fashion Technology , BPO, KPO, Computer Science Engineering,etc. I encouraged the students to hone up their communication and computer skills despite their accent with attitude and asked them to find out where they stood and what they were good at. 

Lack of knowledge of information act as the major impediment in the development of a student, which is why workshops on career counseling play an effective role in creating a sense of awareness in the minds of students.

I am really thankful to DDSU and its  President,Mr. Vitoka V. Awomi and the workshop convenor Mr. Kahoto V.Sumi to offer me this opportunity to counsel such a large gathering of Dimapur students. I wish all Dimapur students a prosperous career in future.