Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Visual Communication Design a Right Course for Creative Students

Visual Communication Design programs  offered at Graduation or Post Graduation level provides a conceptual foundation for students to develop critical thinking skills in design.

The curriculum itself is comprehensive and provides adequate knowledge and expertise in graphic design skill-sets like typography, layout, publication and book design, information design, design for the web, photography, creating corporate identity and branding, mass communication theory and media mix, illustration and exhibition design.

The program facilitates an understanding of the process of Visual Communication by engaging in coursework and class projects covering a variety of print and design projects. Inter-disciplinary studies in arts and humanities are combined with studies in visual form, design history and theory, concept and image generation, studio and digital methods providing students with appropriate tools to enrich both their lives and careers.

There are a number of different job titles that all fall under the visual communications umbrella.

Below are a few examples.

Commercial/Advertising Photographer
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Creative Services Director
Art Director
Communication Designer
Commercial Artist   

If one has  artistic or a creative mind or passion then this is a right course.

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