Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If not Science Or Commerce Then Explore the varied opportunities in the field of Arts/humanities

Hi! Career Planning is one of the most crucial factor in ones life. The fact remains that there is a fierce competition for getting an opportunity to work. It is the era of survival of fittest. Secondly, with the globalization of economy there are now more career options than before. Each and every stream of study has equal career opportunity. But one needs to expertise in his domain area.

There  is a common belief that Science is this most important subject compared to humanities as even commerce. It is true that the advantage of choosing science stream is that one can shift to other two streams i.e. humanities & commerce after 10+2. It also opens up the gateway to a large number of career & course options even if one cannot make it to engineering, medicine, etc. However, if you are very clear that science or commerce is not your cup of tea, then there is no point in wasting two precious years simply because it keeps many options open and to be carried away by the so called feeling in our society that the best students opt for Science. It will be wise to explore the varied opportunities in the field of Arts/humanities waiting for you. Best Of Luck.

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Oliver Richmond said...

I also agree to the statement mentioned in this post. All of us believes that Science subject has the top level. But we must realize that there is more chances in arts/humanities. Thank you so much for sharing this article. It will help all students as well as parents. I am working as part of professional resume writing. So there are so many brilliant students are there made success after completing higher secondary course in arts/humanities.