Saturday, October 30, 2010

Your Motivators and Job Profile Must Match Each Other For A Succesful Career

There are certain areas where we feel more inclined to perform better than others. This is mainly because our motivators are present in these areas. When we are young we are not aware of these motivators. As we grow older we become aware of these factors and identify them more by trial and error method. For example –If a person who is a people oriented person, chooses mechanical engineering because of interest in that subject and gets into a job which requires him to be working on machines more. After some time he may find certain amount of dis-satisfaction creeping in slowly. This may be inspite of a high salary and a reputed company. This is because he needs to interact with people to derive energy and the absence of it can be quite stressful. So it is important that which ever field one chooses, the motivators should be present in the job profile. The presence/ absence can make the difference between job satisfaction and dis-satisfaction. Before choosing a course a student must find out the High Motivators present within himself. Once the high motivators and the course matches with each other then to remain in the desired job for decades become smooth and less stressful.


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