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Career Counseling and Guidance For Students, Parents & Working Executives

Objective: The objective of Career Counseling and Guidance is to bring a career awareness campaign among the students, parents and teachers at the secondary and senior secondary education. In India the career counseling is late starter. However with the growth of competitiveness in the last two decades this has become a major concern in our education system. Our career counseling workshop gives an understanding to the students the importance of ones academic potential, attribute, personality, talents, interest, expectation, resource, strength and weakness while choosing a course for a right career at the right time for a bright future. The career counseling intends to show the students a planned route to a career right in the school years keeping in mind all above attributes so that the students remain motivated and effective during the most difficult years of the school system i.e. 10th to 12th and helping them to choose an appropriate stream/career after 10th or 12th standard. It will be our endeavor through this counseling to bring parents, students and teachers together to understand the effectiveness of career counseling and guidance and make recommendations that would help students and the teachers to come as close as possible to a ‘match’ between the students profile and courses available and to lessen the parents pressure  on the child.  
Benefits to School and Teachers: The career counselling workshop also benefits the School and School Teachers immensely in providing students with helpful information to career planning along with the school curriculum in a stage when students are in adolescence and moving to adulthood with so much anxiety pertaining to physical and mental growth, excelling in the school exam and preparing for several entrance examinations. During this period students are marked by confusion in search for stable self-concepts that would integrate all aspects of themselves- skills, values, beliefs, interests, emotions and sexuality. The teachers can counsel easily in career planning to the college-bound students, a typical task that involves choosing a field of specialization in college, and hence, a career. This realization constitutes the backbone of career guidance and career counseling workshop which will increase the respect and affection from the students and parents. This fresh and powerful workshop on career counseling and guidance show the teachers an avenue to get rid of from there monotonous school routine teaching and give them a new perspective of life by showing them career counseling as an additional value addition to the school teaching. It focuses to make the teachers as effective career counselors who can guide there students in finding good universities to study and provide guidance as to which courses are in demand in the job market, conduct psychometric profiling of there students and guide students towards the right course/ stream.   
This individual or group career counselling worksho is primarily focused to the students from class 9th to 12th standards of any board. Along with this additional benefit goes to the teachers concerned to attend this workshop for making them aware of different courses according to ones profile and broaden their career course horizon. Parents can attend this workshop which can be very beneficial in guiding their children for a right course and betterment of their child to find a right career in future.  
Course Content: For most students stream choice after 10th and a course after 12th is a matter of chance, social pressure, and largely determined by academic performance and not by scientific choice. Students are mainly illusion with 3 to 4 careers like Medicine, Engineering, CA/CS, or Management. However our workshop will cover introduction to career planning, myths on career counseling, effective career planning bye understanding aptitude, personality, interests and abilities. There after about 200+ career options after 10+2 which are covered in five groups viz. People based, Creative, Business, Physical/Outdoor & Science based careers. It includes coverage of premier institutes, admission process placement work environment etc. Also the topics to be covered in this workshop are  Indian Education System: Indian Univ vs Foreign Degree; Indian Recognizing Bodies for Courses; Regular Courses vs Distance Education; Vocational Courses; Aptitude, Attitude and Personality; Types of Universities in India; Usage of Internet for all information; How to prepare for Exam; Goal Setting; See beyond horizon; Failure is never final; Winning edge; Image Building and positive thoughts; Time and stress management; Dealing with expectations of elders; Ethics and Values in life; Mind mapping; How to remain motivated; Art of Living: a meaningful Life; Dealing with school and entrance coaching; Motivation; Job Prospects after course etc. However the major focus always remain on Career Planning, Psychometric analysis and best career options available to the students according to their aptitude, interest, academic input, hobbies, personality, grooming, family background, financial support etc .  

The resource person: Prof (Dr) Sanjib Kumar Acharya is an acclaimed academician in Career Guidance and Counseling in India since 1989. He has authored several articles on the subject in several news papers, career magazines, blogs electronic and audio video media. He has successfully initiated and developed an integrated approach to Career Counseling and Career Awareness Campaign by including parents, teachers, executives and academicians in the process. He is one among the earliest inspiring Career Counselors in India with profound knowledge, experience, vast academic back ground in education and career counseling. He has been providing educational, vocational, and personal and group counseling to students from class 10th to Post Graduates of leading schools, colleges and organizations devoted to career counseling awareness in India.  
Prof. Acharya has done his High School from Biswambhar Vidyapeeth, Puri in 1974 and Intermediate Science from S. C. S. College, Puri Orissa in 1976. After this he shifted to New Delhi in 1976 for higher studies and completed his B.A. in Political Science from Ramjas College (Delhi University) in 1979 and subsequently completed his M.A. in Political Science from Ramjas College (Delhi University) in 1981. He then got admitted to another prestigious university J.N.U. New Delhi for Doctoral programme. He completed his M.Phil 1984 and PhD in 1989 from the School of International Studies J.N.U., New Delhi. Moreover to his credit he has additional research experience from the Department of International Studies at University of Toronto and Mac Gill University Montreal, Canada in the due course of time he did his MBA in Marketing & HR from New Port University, California, USA to. To his credit he has presented various research articles in International Politics, Trade, Marketing and Career Development in various National and International forums.
Presently he is the Promoter of India’s leading educational portal, New Delhi which deals with all college admissions and entrance examinations for the school and college students. He has been the official career counselor of a leading regional news paper' SAMAJA ORISSA'. He is also associated with various other print Medias, All India Radio, TV Channels. He is also conducting Career Guidance workshops and seminars all over India through various organizations and also giving his precious time to students, parents & executives for group and individual counseling with psychometric analysis along with his vast knowledge in career development.  
He has been in teaching faculty at premier educational organizations like JNU, New Delhi; IGNOU, New Delhi; Vision School of Management, Approved by AICTE, Govt of India (DIRECTOR); NICE Computer, Delhi; Academy of Management Studies, Orissa and others. He has been the Chief Executive of Erose Educational InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. He has been the founder Editor of student monthly career magazine ADMISSION NEWS.  
Prof. Acharya has conducted several Career Guidance Work shops for schools, colleges& organization all over India. To name few premier organization for whom Prof. Acharya has conducted Career Guidance Workshop are (indicative list): Person Education ELT & School, Noida: ONGC, Shivsagar, Assam; Ultra Tech Cement Works, Aditya Birla Group, Awarpur, Chandrapur, Nagpur ; Pearson Longman Education Services, New Delhi ; Amtuls Public School ,Nainital ;  NTPC, New Delhi ; NHPC, Rishikesh & Teheri ; IOC , Panipat ; CMC, Tata Group, New Delhi ; Rotary Club Mid Town, Bhadrak, Orissa ; Govt Of Tibet, Dharamsala ; Youth Opportunity Trust Asia (YOTA), New Delhi ; Tibet SOS Youth Hostel, Rohini, New Delhi ; Manush Utthan ( an NGO for education ), New Delhi: Educomp, Guragon: Everonn Education Limited, Chennai: Resonance IIT JEE coaching, New Delhi: Growithus Consulting Group, New Delhi and many more.  
Others Programmes: Dr Acharya provides workshop on Motivation, Personality Development, Managing School and Entrance Curriculum Together, Job Interview Skills, How to Remain Positive, Tackling Group Discussion and Interview.
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Dr. Sanjib said...

Thank you all participating on our this blog on Career Counseling. I request all my users to write their views freely which makes it more meaningful. My research on Career Counseling in India suggests that 97 percent of our student masses opt for a course out of default not by prudent choice that precisely leads to Career confusion at the later stage or rudely we can put it Career Disaster. It means only 3percent are only career consious. Hence major chunk of our students are in dark. This is really a disturbing trend although many professionals have started contributing to Career Counseling and awareness programs.
Please give us your views what are the solutions and how to make career counseling more meaningful. Do we parents and students really aware of the meaning of career counseling and guidance?
Best of Luck.

charulatha said...

I am studying in 10th tamilnadu matric board. After school, i want to join IIT. For that, all says CBSE is better in Higher secondary than state board. But for scoring marks, CBSE has got its downside that state exam. My state engg. collages are select students purely based on plus two marks. What to do ?, sir. I am a NTSE scholar. Kindly guide me through my mail -

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi!Thanks for participating in my blog which is dedicated to serious students like you.
To me you should not leave your state board now. You are good student and have been doing well in all your exams so far. Now suddenly leaving your school and board and joining a new school with CBSE curriculum may be too much. As you are a good student you can simultaneously study for IIT-JEE and AIEEE along with +2. There is no guarantee that coming to CBSE will be easier to get through IIT entrance. So keep options open and have a clear fall back options too. Stick to your state board and prepare for all exams. Please rember these two years in 11th 1nd 12th are very difficult years of a student life. Please do not add another burden by switching board to an uncertain future.
I wish you best of luck Charu.
Dr.Sanjib Kumar Acharya

chhand.anarse said...

I will pass with distinction in the S.S.C. examination I need guidance whether to opt for Science or Commerce as I am good in science as well as maths
Kindly guide me through mail -

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi! As you are good in science and maths and if you enjoy theses subjects then you must go for science stream instead of commerce. This will give an opportunity to choose from all courses after 12th. But by taking commerce many career options will be ruled out which are only for +2 science stream students. Good luck.
Dr.Sanjib Kumar Acharya
Career Counsellor
New Delhi.

Ravi said...

My daughter has finished her Class VIII from an Open school facility of an International Indian School in April this year (CBSE). We are planning to move to UK most likely in August / Sept 2012. She would then be joining Class IX of the GCSE. Would this be advisable ? Kindly share your opinion on this

P.S: After completing her GCSE "A" level, she intends to study Medicine (MBBS) in India

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi Mr.Ravi!
If you are planning for MBBS admission in India then the first preference must be going for CBSE board provided this is available at your place of residence. Otherwise there is no harm in going for the international board.Go for a correspondence medicine coaching progam from any reputed institute of India.
Good Luck.
Dr.Sanjib Kumar Acharya

sana said...

dear sir,
I am Sana,a B.Sc.(chemistry) graduate.I have done my B.Ed from GGIPU,delhi.I have worked as PRT and TGT in schools for more than five years. Now I am in family way and I am not into job anymore.I do want to utilize my this time for my studies.will master's in pschology help me in my teaching carrer .

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi! Sana,
Yes you can go for MA or MSC psychology which will take you to student counseling or teaching the psycho subject in 11th or 12th. In due course of time an M.Ed will also be beneficial. Please check with the concerned university on eligibility criteria to the course as you are BSc Chemistry. Psychology is a veru good and useful course.
If you are from Delhi have a proper career counseling session with me on prior appointment by calling on my mobile or land line.
Best of luck.
Dr.Sanjib Kumar Acharya

Prabhamrit Singh said...

after 10 in which stream sir i go?
i m passing student in maths nd gd in science..plzz suggest me fast..ur thnkfull Prabhamrit Singh

Dr. Sanjib said...

If you are not so good in Maths then dont take Maths in +2. As you have keen interest in General Science to me you may go for PCB with any other subject of your interest. If u prove your self strong in this area then go for Medical or Para Medical or Biotech or Phrma or Agriculture Science etc.This is my general comment. But if you could meet me in person at New Delhi for personal counseling then i will be able to individualise my guidance to you. I wish you best of luck. Bye.

um esh said...

Hi Sir,

This is umesh i have done company secretary and presently i am studying CFA(US) and LLB while working with a company (<6 months). I wish to study MBA (finance) from a top college at international level may be after 5 yrs of work ex. in that respect my specific question to you is that what intermediate steps/actions/plan should be taken during this period that could assure me a top International college? and after evaluating my present profile how do you view my chances to reach that level??


Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi Umesh,
You are on the right track. Take ur CFA course seriously and complete. Work for three years atleast and then go for working executive MBA may be from IIMs or go abroad for one year MBA. wish you best of luck. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Respected Sir,

I am writing my 10th exams and I have to take a decision about the course I should take.I am equally good in science and maths and am interested in them too!I don't know what factors I should be considering but I personally want to serve the society and the people.I am equally inclined towards both the streams!I am in a confusion.What should be the first few and important factors for taking my choice?

Dr. Sanjib said...

If you are good in Science and Maths then go for the science stream in +2 which will open up opportunity to take up any course in graduation. If you have interest towards Medical line then have Biology as a subject. Please discuss with your class teacher or a career counselor before taking the final call. Bye.

Om Parkash Malik said...

hi, i want all this information in the format of newspaper, in North India (Haryana Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pardesh, J&K etc). I bear all the cost of printing, designing, distribution, marketing, coordination, etc. If this concept suits you, then please provide the stuff accordingly. or want some more information. Contact me Om Malik @ 98158-99108

Dr. Sanjib said...

Dear Mr. Om Prakash,
Thanks for your interest on my blog. Please let me know exactly what you need from me. If you could elaborate more on your plan of action i will be in a position to take up a decision. Bye.
Dr.Sanjib Kumar Acharya
Career Counselor
New Delhi

career guidance said...

However many experience a feeling of release from the drudgery of a job they many not have liked. It very much depends on their personal circumstances.

Anonymous said...

respected sir,
i have done my class 12 from cbse board with 61percent and class 10 with 80percent marks from same board.sir, i want to ask you that i am interested in engineering, architecture and petroleum engineering. Sir,should i do 1 year extended training for IIT-JEE or something else.

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi! If you are really keen on Engineering and very good in Physics Chemistry and Maths then it may be prudent to take coaching for a year and then try in 2013. Good luck

Adienl said...

Greetings Dr. Sanjib,
I'd like some private counselling, well if not private then at least a live and interactive session with a counselor. First of all I want to avoid any haphazard decision.
I am presently in 12th grade studying in a Cbse school. I have not made any significant research, but if i can meet a counselor in person, it'd be helpful. Please Advise me regarding this matter. And yeah i reside in kolkata. So you can suggest me counselor over here.
Thanks again.

Adienl said...

Greetings Dr.Sanjib,
I'd like some help in choosing a course post 12th grade. I am in an utter state of confusion in choosing the right field and I'd like to avoid haphazard decisions at all costs.
Some questions for you here. I am class XII student, presently residing in Kolkata. I'd like to get to know about any institutions that provide counselling or private counselors in kolkata. Kindly take your time in replying.
Waiting for your Reply.
Thank you.

Dr. Sanjib said...

There must be many career counselors in Kolkota. To find out u may go to internet search engine Google etc and type Career Counselor in Kolkota.
I wish u best of luck.

Ayush said...

Relevance of vocational courses is much bright nowadays.In India,I personally feel that one should really go for a good vocational course after class 12th.In the context of India, where everything is so fast & getting competetive, vocational courses in india really an apt choice for getting the best of academic profits.After class 12th one has the choice of getting the best of future.

Mohd said...

Hello Sir i have recently completed 3 years diploma from a government college after 10+2.Right now i am very much confused what to do whether join in second year through Lateral Entry or do job. I am interested to join civil engineering in Is it good decision or not? Please guide me. For further information please contact 9650037176.please reply as soon as possible.
Thanking You

Mohd said...

Hello Sir i have recently completed 3 years diploma from a government college after 10+2.Right now i am very much confused what to do whether join in second year through Lateral Entry or do job. I am interested to join civil engineering in Is it good decision or not? Please guide me. For further information please contact 9650037176.please reply as soon as possible.
Thanking You

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi! I must say that always one must endeavor to acquire more and more knwledge to have a nice career in future. So my advice would be please go ahead for BTech in lateral entry in Civil Engineering and then go for a job. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

i want get admission in fashion designing so please tell me best institute of fashion designing and tell me full detail of nift.i am little weak in study but my sketching is best can i get admission in Nift Delhi.

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi! Yes it is a known fact that the best fashion designing college/institute in India is NIFT. There are other self funded institutes too. Spend some time in searching on internet you will come to know all details. Also regularly visit my website to get all uodates in admission information. Good luck. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information.

Anonymous said...

sir i have passed my class X11 wid 73% and registered for c.s(company secretary) and i have also applied improvement for my X11 as i want to do from a reputed college of Delhi university next year ! Am i on right track sir ?? kindly share your opinion sir !!

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi!To me you have registered for CS which is good but why repeating Board for improvement. The marks which you have scored is a decent one to join B.Com pass in any evening college of DU in the current year. Anyway as you have taken a decision for repeating please take it seriously so that you score very well and not a mere improvement.Stick to your focus area and work very hard. Good luck to you.

ishita said...

sir i am 10 th class student and want to be a lawyer or judge sir which stream i should choose after 10th and on which subject i should concentrate more .

Dev Malik said...

Choosing a career that will help you to excel is very important. And opting for Career Consultants to seek career related guidance is a good step that one can take. But choosing a good consultant is very necessary.

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hi Ishita. As you have an ambition in getting into Legal profession i advise to take the CLAT(Common Law Admission Test) Entrance Test immediately after your 12th Board exam. A good CLAT score will give you a berth in any one of the premiere Law institutes of India for a Graduate and LLB 5 years course. Students from any steam in 12th can take the CLAT but its better to have Maths as a subject in 12th which will increase your logical and reasoning power an essential aptitude for law as a career. After having your LLB you can take the Indian Judicial Service (IJS)exam — an all-India service on the lines of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS). You can independently work as lawyer in any court. You can also join any Corporate Legal cell, KPO, Research Organisation etc as a legal expert. Very challenging and paying career to choose. Go ahead. Best of luck.

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hello Mr. Dev! I fully agree with you in choosing a good career consultant for a smooth selling career. But the million dollar question is how many parents or students seriously think on this issue and take an action at appropriate time. Thank you so much in participating in my blog. Good luck.

Unknown said...

I am a student of 12th science .Somehow unable to compete other and getting very poor marks and now understood that science was not a good choice for me .I have problem in concentration and so scared to get even pass mark in 12th .So please advise , what is the otion left for me .Can i get some counselling so that i can concentrate on my study and get good marks in 2013 board . I need your help desperetly

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hello! You have not mentioned your name.Yes it seems to me the choice of choosing the science stream causing stress. However, as you have already chosen the subjects there is no point thinking on past what has happened. Present situation demands to find out the correct strategey to clear +2 nicely at any cost by remaining positive. After this bye to science and look for other options in graduation depending on your aptitude, personality, interest etc.
Please call on my land line telephone number 011-41324643 during working hours for an early appointment with me or you may call me on my mobile 09811660701.
Don't worry in one sitting with me all will be clear which i can assure you.
I sincerely wish you best of luck. Bye.

excellencecenter said...

I was very pleased to find this site. I definitely enjoyed reading every little bit of it and I have it bookmarked to check out new stuff posted regularly.

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Anonymous said...

I graduated from high school in Hyderabad in 2008. I now want to organize a career counseling camp at my old school for the benefit of the class 9 and 10 students studying there. Would you be interested in this?
Please do contact me at:

Vrinda Sharma said...

Dear sir,
I am a non medical student presently in class 11th. How many chances may I get for IIT-JEE/ AIEEE after I have passed class XII?
I am physically handicapped can I go for CIVIL SERVISES?

laureen olney said...

Hi, you make mind blowing ideas and a spectacular article here. Last time, when I saw your site this was a little good but today I visit the web site again and find that you guys making a very smart work on the site.

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Palak said...

Hello Sir,

My brother Parth is in his 10th right now.
He is very hard working and great at maths, but does not like chemistry though.
We are confused if he should go for PCB and aim IIT or should try for CA/IAS.
I live in bangalore and my parents and brother are at Chhattisgarh.
Please let me know if we can have a discussion over the same.


Dr. Sanjib said...

Hello Palak.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
If your brother is not good at Chemistry then to me it will be not a grat idea to go for Science stream after 10th. He may go for Commerce with Maths. After this lots of career option like CA, CS, ICWA, BCOM, BARCH, MASS COM etc can be looked into. I suggest you must call up my office number 011-41324643 for a career counseling appointment with me. If physical presence in Delhi is impossible then the session can be done telephonic or SKYPE.
Best of luck.

Career Coaching said...

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Anonymous said...

I have done my 10th and I'm really confused about which stream I will choose for 11th
please help me
by contacting on my ID:

Kishore Malhotra said...

My daughter has appeared for +2 cbse exam in non-medical stream. She is good in maths and avg in Phy & Chem. What should I sugggest her to choose after +2. Please help me.

Seema Bhatia said...

I am interested in environmental science and I want to pursue it through distance learning. Please suggest me a good institute for Bsc which has a recognised degree so that I can pursue Msc from institutes like DU JNU TERI IISC etc
Also is The institute IIEE recognised ?

Vibhav Yadav said...

Thanks for the information its use full for the Career Counselor in Delhi

sigsoogca said...

Thank you so much for sharing on this valuable information with us for sure I learn more from here.

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Anonymous said...

sir i am a 12th science CBSE student and not expecting good marks in finals. so i wanted to know what field can i adopt as my career which is affordable and good income job. please do contact me in

Anonymous said...

sir i am a 12th science CBSE student and not expecting good marks in finals. so i wanted to know what field can i adopt as my career which is affordable and good income job. please do contact me in

beena aravind said...

hello sir,
my son is writing his 10th standard[icse] at present.he loves car designing and wants to pursue a career in automotive industry.can you please suggest as to what should be his preference subjects in puc?we are very much confused and eagerly waiting for your reply.

Anonymous said...

Hello sanjib sir myself manju. I want to do a career counselling program in village schools. So I want your suggestions for this. Please do the needful..thank you

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I need your guidance. My son is in ICSE in std 9th in India.We have to shift to Montreal/canada due to my job. Should he continue in India and complete std 9th from ICSE or complete 10th and then try to get admission in Montreal.
2. where can we get details about the admission in some good colleges for std 10th or 11tha nd 12th.

Anonymous said...

i'm a class 10 student icse board uttar pradesh ! i beleive i can do good in my 10 boards ! i'm very confused about my subject choice in 11 ! i can chhose between pcm or commerce . i like studying english , geography all the learning subjects ! alongwith maths but i don't get good marks in maths. my only aim in life is to go abroad on scholarship ! as when i reach there i can study the subject of my choice which is corporate sector ! but in india what should i do to reach abroad as fast as possible ! right now i'm thinking of please help ! exams are near.

Shaffali said...

My son is in class VIII this year. I want him to prepare for UPSC exams. But I want to know whether it is for him or he should do something else. For this reason I think he needs Career counselling and guidance.How do you provide counselling and guidance to students.

Dr. Sanjib said...

Hello! It is too early to decide UPSC for the child. This we may take up during graduation. Now you must decide the best stream of subjects in +2 and the right career and college for the candidate.Just keep track of the candidate interest, aptitude , personality , likes and dislikes for choosing the right course on choice and not on default.
You may call and fix an appointment with me at my New Delhi office for a face to face career counselling session for the child.
Good luck.

amreen kaur said...

hi sir i am from delhi..
i was confused what to take after10th
science or commerce after a month i decided to take commerce..
now a m confused as in to take maths or not...
some courses do require maths after 12th..till now my aim is not fixed what to do after 12th.. i want to take psychology as an additional subject.. so can you please help me out that i should take maths or not.. actually i usually get afraid in the exams.. i do well when i do sample papers i score well but in the examination don,t knw why i get scared and due to that everytime i leave for about25 to 30 marks.. due to not having enough time..i know the full paper but still at that moment i forgrt everything how to do what to do..but i love my i am very confused that should i take maths or not.. and alsp please provide the cources that i cannot do withouth maths..

Aadya Rathore said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aadya Rathore said...

I have recently given 10th board exams.I am good in every subject except Mathematics & now i am very much confused.What to do?Please help me in taking my future decision.Kindly guide me through my

Bike Advice said...

Hi Dr. Sanjib,

I am working professional with over 5 years of experience. I am planning to reinvent myself and look for a change of career. I have picked many options for me but need a counselor to further refine them based on my strengths and weakness. Do you provide one to one counseling for working professionals as well?

Mukta Bakshi said...


Great Post! This blog is ever informative. Thanks

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Renu Kishor said...
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Renu Kishor said...

deepak suthar said...

Dear Respected Sir,

My child doing study in 9th standard in CBSE school, he wish to make career in IT sector, please guide me after 9th what subject should he take in 10th standard, he is average in study, getting 60% to 70% at present,

The CVsquad said...

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Gulf Job Consultants said...

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Harish Pal said...
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Harish Pal said...

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Sania Indiajobzs said...

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Janani Rio said...

Hello sir ! I'm doing 10th std in Cbse . I'm planning to take . Is it better to continue in Cbse or change to state board as everyone say that it's easy to score more.. By the way, I'm going to join college in my state itself

Janani Rio said...
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kk said...

my son is in class Viii and would be going to classIX. i wanted some guidance in what career should he choose as per his potential and aptitude. So that his prep and foundation courses can be planned. What do I do?

Sharukh Khan said...

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asha sharma said...

Hello sir i am jatin and i am studying in 12 std in t.j.v sec school...i am on the way to my college so i can opt for which course in which there is scope in future and people demand more..i m good in maths and physcis and computer science.@ i am science student .

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