Thursday, October 28, 2010


There are four areas which need to be looked at for the purpose of choosing right career.. They are:
1) Interest, 2) Internal Motivators, 3) Aptitude and 4) Personality.

1)Interest:Identifying your areas of interest is important to ensure that you are happy at your work place. When we are interested in our work least outside intervention is required.The initiative and involvement of the candidate comes in by itself. When you enjoy what you are doing, work becomes fun.

2)Internal motivators:This refers to the driving forces that encourage you from within toperform at your best, beyond money and status. Your motivators may be different from your friend’s and finding your motivators correctly is an integral part of your Career Planning.A professional career counselor assists you in that search. These two factors are indicative of areas where you can be happy working and would be motivated to perform effectively.

3)Aptitude: It is associated with an individual's mental abilities. Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple intelligence says each one of us is intelligent in different areas. One may be good at using words, one at numbers, another at music, while still another at be good at using words, one at numbers, another at music, while still another at sports and so on. When we choose a career which makes the most use of our natural inborn intelligence, then we perform well in that area.

4)Personality:No two people are ever the same. Some are quiet, some talkative, some are risk takers, some are fast at making decisions, some think slow but go deep and analyze, some are influenced by their emotions in making decisions, some are more logical…. etc., This is the essence of an individual's personality and it has a great bearing on a person' career. In fact most parents and students tend to ignore this important area while choosing a career. When a person is unhappy or dissatisfied with his career, the personality mismatch is often the cause.

To my knowledge hardly 2 to 3 percent students look into these above stated four factors while deciding their college or post school studies, hence often after succesfully completeing college studies still they are at cross roads to find a job or building aright career. Often complain studies not matching careers.

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