Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All About SNAP Test 2010

Symbiosis International University (SIU), which is a deemed university in Pune conducts an entrance test every year called Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) for enrolling students to its various postgraduate programs. This year SNAP Test is sheduled for 19 December 2010 for the admission to 2011 academic year.
Pattern of questions for SNAP:    
SNAP entrance test comprises objective type questions with negative marking.The SNAP pattern varies every year.
SNAP a two hours test consist  150 questions.The candidates have to attempt all the questions within two hours duration.
There is a provision of negative marking in the competitive entrance test, that is, 25% marks are deducted for each wrong answer
The 150 questions in the paper are divided into four sections as follows:
General English (40)
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency (40)
General Awareness (40)
Analytical & Logical Reasoning (30)
Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is a competitive entrance test, which is conducted specially to evaluate students’ skills and intelligence. The candidates, who are appearing have to prepare every chapter with thorough knowledge.. 
General English
Questions from Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability and grammar must be practiced by the candidates. Many questions in the test are usually asked from English.
Quantitative Aptitude
The candidate has to be very precise in Data Interpretation and  Mathematics.Get yourself prepare for questions on Probability & Permutation & Combination, and rests of the questions can come from arithmetic and geometry.
General Awareness
The candidates must have proper access on various current events and happenings in India and at the global environment.Expect questions from Physics, International currency, Chemistry, Constitution, Mathematics, History etc. There could be questions on current affairs as well.Analytical & Logical Reasoning
The admission seekers may practice on different reasoning skills.The admission seekers may practice on different reasoning skills. Questions could be from pictorial Reasoning, from mathematical reasoning and on coding & decoding & analytical reasoning. Apart from that, one could practice various sample papers of previous years’ SNAP test before appearing in the competitive entrance test. Apart from that, one could practice various sample papers of previous years’ SNAP test before appearing in the competitive entrance test. 
Group Discussion & Personal Interview
The candidates who have passed the written test must appear in group discussion and personal interview, which are conducted by the University. For the final selection, a merit list is prepared based on the performance of the candidates in SNAP written test, group discussion and personal interview.
For other information related to admission you may visit www.admissionnews.com.
Best Of Luck.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Importance of Spoken English in India

In the last few years, thanks to jobs becoming global, the importance of English has increased manifold. It has over the years become an important medium of communication, both at the international and intra-national levels. The importance of spoken English is even more, because there are many cases where one knows his subject well, but fails to communicate it properly. The practice of spoken English, therefore, is quite essential. Learning English in a country where it is not a native language, opens a number of opportunities for the individual. In today’s corporate world, the need for effective communication has been recognized and accepted more than the technical knowledge. The language of the corporate world is English. An individual can make strides in the management ladder if he/she can speak English fluently. If your English is poor, even though with brilliant business ideas, you may still find yourself languishing at the bottom of the management ladder. Your productivity will drop over a period of time since you will find difficulty in expressing your brilliant ideas. Those who can speak good English will probably usurp your ideas and get the credit for all the hard work you did to get the idea working. So there are immense opportunities for English Language trainer to train people in communicative English for different purposes like group discussions, interviews, oral presentations, report writing, writing letters etc. English language trainers generally handle individuals’ abilities to frame grammatically correct sentences or his lack of vocabulary, fear of speaking to groups of people, and ineffective presentation skills. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Best Way to Get Study Loan for Higher Studies:HDFC-Backed Credila

The peak time for students to get a final entry to the prominent Indian Institute of Managements and other business schools of best rank is nearing. 
It is the time to consider your paying methods for the expensive education. Almost all the IIMs schools have given a rise of Rs 100,000 in their total fees. The total spending for a two year management course at IIM Ahmedabad will cost 1.4 million rupees ($31,500).However, the fees for IILM Kolkata and IIM Bangalore has been kept 1.35 million and 1.3 million rupees respectively.
So, it seems that students have a large way to go in deciding their payments options. These hikes have given way to leading Indian banks that are set to provide loans to the desiring candidates. The range educations loans are available in an all new looks.HDFC Ltd leader in home loans bought about 41 percent stake in the non-banking financial company, Credit Financial Services and education loans in December.
Educations loans provided by banks carry large interest rates in comparison with home loans. Reserve Bank of India has implied that banks are not allowed to accept in any security or deposits for the loans for an amount of Rs 400,000.
Government has given topmost priority to the education loans,in recent time almost all the private sector banks have been focussing into this area. Unluckily in the scenario we can find a plethora of deserving students who struggle to get loans. Banks asks for a co-signer for the loans and 100 percent collateral to cover the loan the amount. This become quite tough for a lower-middle class person to afford ,according to co-ordinator of Education Loan risk force, due to insufficient finance there are many students getting more than 90 percent are deprived of loans and quit their studies.
To get the loan student should seek admission in a leading business school, there are banks who publish a list of courses which qualify for the laons.This means that you have check out which banks qualify your choice.
The fact is also true that Indian banks have a big no-no to the students whose are from a poor family. Though they can opt for west’s government funded loan model. On the other hand banks have a long way to go for deserving candidates.
There has been a long difference. Students of IIMs are apt to get better deals, for instance Union Bank of India, charges only 10.5 percent of interest that have admitted to selected number of schools, girls are likely to pay .50 percent less.
If students have all the list of supporting documents in a particular school along with the documents of the cp-signor’s bank account and income tax statements, assets and liabilities statements the procedure is feasible.
Students seeking loans for abroad studies can apply for loans. Some colleges in US need a proof of finances while admission. HDFC-backed Credila gives students a letter of credit which satisfies the college and admission goes smoother.
Bankers also assist students to take decision sensibly. Particularly when there is an array of new institutes coming up, it should not be done just for the sake of admissions, think wisely. Your admission should result into a good job and salary commented an executive of retail banking.
Education Loans in India is offered by Credila. For more information please log on to www.credila.com.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MPhil/Ph.D in Mass Media Course to be Launched by JNU, New Delhi Soon

The recently approved Centre of Media Research at Jawaharlal Nehru University(JNU), New Delhi is all set to start MPhil and PhD courses in Media Research soon. The courses have been specifically designed keeping in mind the growing demand for specialized courses in media at the research level. In contrast to traditional media courses, the new course will focus on research, analysis and applica tion of media in diverse fields.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently approved the setting up of Centre of Media Research at JNU. The aim of the new centre will be to make it a prime academic location which provides critical understanding about media and its engagement with society and economy in India. Talking about the approach of the course, Deepak Kumar, chairperson, Centre for Media Research, shares, "The centre will be different from other schools of media as it will prepare analysts and not just journalists. Interdisciplinary approaches in the field of evolution, role, relevance and impact of media will be encouraged here." Known for its path-breaking approach, JNU once again has taken the step to prepare youth for a successful career in media. The objective is to establish the Centre of Media Research as a national level research centre in the country for media research and analysis. As compared to the other institutions offering courses in the field of mass communication and journalism, this centre stands apart as the focus here will be more on research and not on media studies per se. The curriculum too will focus on the areas that need in- depth media analysis and have a more focused approach. Plans are ripe to include subjects such as media and society, media organization and state policy, media commerce and leisure industry, new media technology, media and sports, media and environment and other such areas like governance, processes, law, language, development journalism, and so on. The centre will
engage historians, economists, sociologists, politicians and senior journalists as faculty members for the courses. It is hopeful that the centre will be fully operational by 2012.

For those who want to pursue a career in media research it would be a good opportunity. At present there are not many courses for those who want to go into media research. Most of the pro grammes being offered are post-graduate diploma or Master's programmes in mass communication. They do not offer any kind of specialization. I think this course would have many takers and would be extremely popular among those who want to pursue a serious career in research.

With an emphasis on interdisciplinary approach and focus on critical understanding of the role of media in diverse fields, the Centre of Media Research is likely to emerge as a premier institute for higher studies and research not only India but also across the globe.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Visual Communication Design a Right Course for Creative Students

Visual Communication Design programs  offered at Graduation or Post Graduation level provides a conceptual foundation for students to develop critical thinking skills in design.

The curriculum itself is comprehensive and provides adequate knowledge and expertise in graphic design skill-sets like typography, layout, publication and book design, information design, design for the web, photography, creating corporate identity and branding, mass communication theory and media mix, illustration and exhibition design.

The program facilitates an understanding of the process of Visual Communication by engaging in coursework and class projects covering a variety of print and design projects. Inter-disciplinary studies in arts and humanities are combined with studies in visual form, design history and theory, concept and image generation, studio and digital methods providing students with appropriate tools to enrich both their lives and careers.

There are a number of different job titles that all fall under the visual communications umbrella.

Below are a few examples.

Commercial/Advertising Photographer
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Creative Services Director
Art Director
Communication Designer
Commercial Artist   

If one has  artistic or a creative mind or passion then this is a right course.

Best Of Luck.                                                                                                                                                                          

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How knowing your Aptitude will help you?

Knowing your Aptitude allows you establishing your likely Strengths / Weaknesses (we prefer to call this Area for improvement- AFI ) in order that you can know what your strengths are and find a way to use them.

Know your AFI- Area for Improvement, at the same time not allowing yourself to be limited by them

Ex: A person can be excellent at working with computers in the programming area. The same person may find
himself out of place and incapacitated when it comes to doing computer graphics. This is because the person
may have a high logical thinking aptitude, but not a spatial ability to think innovatively and design new things.

One must always find out areas of High/ Medium and Low Aptitude while deciding for a course or career. While selecting Careers it would be advisable to choose careers where your areas of high aptitude find maximum application. This will help you perform effectively on the job.

However, you must be aware of the fact that your aptitude has to be integrated along with your interests and personality before making a career choice.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Career Aptitude Test A Must For Every Student

The Career Aptitude Test is developed by a team of psychologists who have expertise in the field of Educational and Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Education and Career guidance. It is meticulously tested by individuals, educational institutions and corporate houses. 

The important factors which need to be taken into consideration for finding the Right Career are one's
1. Interests.
2. Internal Motivators. (What actually motivates one or the absence of motivators)
3. Aptitude. (One’s logical and abstract reasoning, mechanical, numerical, spatial, verbal
4. Personality. (One’s basic traits, emotional and behavioural, personal values,
Interpersonal style and need, Decision making, Planning, Time management etc.,)

The Career Aptitude Test is a scientific tool which comprises of Interest, Aptitude and Personality modules.
The Key Benefits of the Career Aptitude Test are:

Awareness of one’s strengths and areas for improvement.
Identifying the right career at the right age.
Ensuring lead time to develop one’s potential to prepare for the right career.
Saving time and money as one knows where and how to apply talent and skills.
Avoiding disappointment and frustration in adulthood.
Planning for the right courses and colleges.
Uncluttered study plans to get high marks.
It is an integrated test and discovers all aspects of you.

The test itself aims to stimulate you to think that ‘thinking for your future’ is essential. You and your parents can rest as there will be no confusion in your minds.Sure of achieving happy, meaningful and successful life.

Hence every student must take a genuine Career Aptitude Test to determine a right course for a right career.


If not Science Or Commerce Then Explore the varied opportunities in the field of Arts/humanities

Hi! Career Planning is one of the most crucial factor in ones life. The fact remains that there is a fierce competition for getting an opportunity to work. It is the era of survival of fittest. Secondly, with the globalization of economy there are now more career options than before. Each and every stream of study has equal career opportunity. But one needs to expertise in his domain area.

There  is a common belief that Science is this most important subject compared to humanities as even commerce. It is true that the advantage of choosing science stream is that one can shift to other two streams i.e. humanities & commerce after 10+2. It also opens up the gateway to a large number of career & course options even if one cannot make it to engineering, medicine, etc. However, if you are very clear that science or commerce is not your cup of tea, then there is no point in wasting two precious years simply because it keeps many options open and to be carried away by the so called feeling in our society that the best students opt for Science. It will be wise to explore the varied opportunities in the field of Arts/humanities waiting for you. Best Of Luck.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Your Motivators and Job Profile Must Match Each Other For A Succesful Career

There are certain areas where we feel more inclined to perform better than others. This is mainly because our motivators are present in these areas. When we are young we are not aware of these motivators. As we grow older we become aware of these factors and identify them more by trial and error method. For example –If a person who is a people oriented person, chooses mechanical engineering because of interest in that subject and gets into a job which requires him to be working on machines more. After some time he may find certain amount of dis-satisfaction creeping in slowly. This may be inspite of a high salary and a reputed company. This is because he needs to interact with people to derive energy and the absence of it can be quite stressful. So it is important that which ever field one chooses, the motivators should be present in the job profile. The presence/ absence can make the difference between job satisfaction and dis-satisfaction. Before choosing a course a student must find out the High Motivators present within himself. Once the high motivators and the course matches with each other then to remain in the desired job for decades become smooth and less stressful.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


There are four areas which need to be looked at for the purpose of choosing right career.. They are:
1) Interest, 2) Internal Motivators, 3) Aptitude and 4) Personality.

1)Interest:Identifying your areas of interest is important to ensure that you are happy at your work place. When we are interested in our work least outside intervention is required.The initiative and involvement of the candidate comes in by itself. When you enjoy what you are doing, work becomes fun.

2)Internal motivators:This refers to the driving forces that encourage you from within toperform at your best, beyond money and status. Your motivators may be different from your friend’s and finding your motivators correctly is an integral part of your Career Planning.A professional career counselor assists you in that search. These two factors are indicative of areas where you can be happy working and would be motivated to perform effectively.

3)Aptitude: It is associated with an individual's mental abilities. Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple intelligence says each one of us is intelligent in different areas. One may be good at using words, one at numbers, another at music, while still another at be good at using words, one at numbers, another at music, while still another at sports and so on. When we choose a career which makes the most use of our natural inborn intelligence, then we perform well in that area.

4)Personality:No two people are ever the same. Some are quiet, some talkative, some are risk takers, some are fast at making decisions, some think slow but go deep and analyze, some are influenced by their emotions in making decisions, some are more logical…. etc., This is the essence of an individual's personality and it has a great bearing on a person' career. In fact most parents and students tend to ignore this important area while choosing a career. When a person is unhappy or dissatisfied with his career, the personality mismatch is often the cause.

To my knowledge hardly 2 to 3 percent students look into these above stated four factors while deciding their college or post school studies, hence often after succesfully completeing college studies still they are at cross roads to find a job or building aright career. Often complain studies not matching careers.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

International Diploma Course in Guidance and Counselling in Collaboration with Commonwealth of Learning, Canada, NCERT

Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhl-110 016

International Diploma Course in Guidance and Counselling (in Collaboration with
Commonwealth of Learning, Canada)
NCERT announces a one year Diploma course for training of professionals in guidance and counselling, combining distance/online and face-to-face modes. The course is open to teachers, teacher educators, educational administrators and untrained guidance personnel from India, other SAARC, and Afro-Asian countries. Admission to eligible candidates will be offered at six centres on regional basis at NCERT Headquarters (DEPFE) New Delhi and Regional Institutes of Education at Ajmer, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Mysore and Shillong. No. of seats at each centre will be 50. Deputed candidates will be preferred. NCERT's decision will be final in matters of admission.
For Application Form and other details, please refer to website: www.ncert.nic.in
Last date for submission of application form is 23 November 2010
For other colleges admission information please visit http://www.admissionews.com/

IBSAT 2010 (ICFAI Business School Aptitude Test for Admission to MBA and Executive MBA Programs in 2010 Session)

IBSAT is an aptitude test conducted by the Federation of Universities (FedUni), for students seeking admission into the management programs. IBSAT consists of multiple choice questions. IBSAT is for 2 hours duration and is aimed to test the applicant's ability in quantitative techniques, data interpretation, data adequacy, vocabulary, analytical reasoning and reading comprehension.
ü       Graduates (any discipline) in English medium with 50% and above aggregate marks.
ü       Final year students awaiting results can also apply.
Documents to be sent with application form:  The applicants applying through any one of the above modes should enclose the self attested copies of X Class, XII Class and graduation mark sheets (Year wise/Semester wise) along with the OMR Application Form. The students applying online have to forward the attested copies of their mark sheets to the Admissions Officer. The students in the final year of graduation may enclose the mark sheets up to the current semester/ year.
Last date for Application: The last date for receipt of completed OMR Application Form is December 08, 2010. All applicants are advised to adhere to the last date prescribed for submission of the application form. Please submit the application form as early as possible to improve the chances of getting the test center of your choice.
For more information on admission and other details please Click Here

Indian School of Business, INDIA is an internationally 12th top-ranked institution (b-school) that provides an MBA

According to the Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2010 Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India stands at the global position 12th among all business school in the world.
It provides course on Post Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives, PGPMAX
Education: Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in any discipline
Work Experience: Minimum 10 years (expected average -18 years)
Accomplishments: Demonstrated track record and potential for growth
Corporate Sponsorship:  Organisations can build their leadership pipeline by sponsoring high calibre senior executives.
Programme Highlights
®       Executive MBA Curriculum in content and rigour
®       Programme Fee: INR 27.5 lakhs (-USD 59,100). Includes admission fee, tuition fee, all course material, accommodation and food in India and abroad
For more information on admission and other details please click here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Career Counseling and Guidance For Students, Parents & Working Executives

Objective: The objective of Career Counseling and Guidance is to bring a career awareness campaign among the students, parents and teachers at the secondary and senior secondary education. In India the career counseling is late starter. However with the growth of competitiveness in the last two decades this has become a major concern in our education system. Our career counseling workshop gives an understanding to the students the importance of ones academic potential, attribute, personality, talents, interest, expectation, resource, strength and weakness while choosing a course for a right career at the right time for a bright future. The career counseling intends to show the students a planned route to a career right in the school years keeping in mind all above attributes so that the students remain motivated and effective during the most difficult years of the school system i.e. 10th to 12th and helping them to choose an appropriate stream/career after 10th or 12th standard. It will be our endeavor through this counseling to bring parents, students and teachers together to understand the effectiveness of career counseling and guidance and make recommendations that would help students and the teachers to come as close as possible to a ‘match’ between the students profile and courses available and to lessen the parents pressure  on the child.  
Benefits to School and Teachers: The career counselling workshop also benefits the School and School Teachers immensely in providing students with helpful information to career planning along with the school curriculum in a stage when students are in adolescence and moving to adulthood with so much anxiety pertaining to physical and mental growth, excelling in the school exam and preparing for several entrance examinations. During this period students are marked by confusion in search for stable self-concepts that would integrate all aspects of themselves- skills, values, beliefs, interests, emotions and sexuality. The teachers can counsel easily in career planning to the college-bound students, a typical task that involves choosing a field of specialization in college, and hence, a career. This realization constitutes the backbone of career guidance and career counseling workshop which will increase the respect and affection from the students and parents. This fresh and powerful workshop on career counseling and guidance show the teachers an avenue to get rid of from there monotonous school routine teaching and give them a new perspective of life by showing them career counseling as an additional value addition to the school teaching. It focuses to make the teachers as effective career counselors who can guide there students in finding good universities to study and provide guidance as to which courses are in demand in the job market, conduct psychometric profiling of there students and guide students towards the right course/ stream.   
This individual or group career counselling worksho is primarily focused to the students from class 9th to 12th standards of any board. Along with this additional benefit goes to the teachers concerned to attend this workshop for making them aware of different courses according to ones profile and broaden their career course horizon. Parents can attend this workshop which can be very beneficial in guiding their children for a right course and betterment of their child to find a right career in future.  
Course Content: For most students stream choice after 10th and a course after 12th is a matter of chance, social pressure, and largely determined by academic performance and not by scientific choice. Students are mainly illusion with 3 to 4 careers like Medicine, Engineering, CA/CS, or Management. However our workshop will cover introduction to career planning, myths on career counseling, effective career planning bye understanding aptitude, personality, interests and abilities. There after about 200+ career options after 10+2 which are covered in five groups viz. People based, Creative, Business, Physical/Outdoor & Science based careers. It includes coverage of premier institutes, admission process placement work environment etc. Also the topics to be covered in this workshop are  Indian Education System: Indian Univ vs Foreign Degree; Indian Recognizing Bodies for Courses; Regular Courses vs Distance Education; Vocational Courses; Aptitude, Attitude and Personality; Types of Universities in India; Usage of Internet for all information; How to prepare for Exam; Goal Setting; See beyond horizon; Failure is never final; Winning edge; Image Building and positive thoughts; Time and stress management; Dealing with expectations of elders; Ethics and Values in life; Mind mapping; How to remain motivated; Art of Living: a meaningful Life; Dealing with school and entrance coaching; Motivation; Job Prospects after course etc. However the major focus always remain on Career Planning, Psychometric analysis and best career options available to the students according to their aptitude, interest, academic input, hobbies, personality, grooming, family background, financial support etc .  

The resource person: Prof (Dr) Sanjib Kumar Acharya is an acclaimed academician in Career Guidance and Counseling in India since 1989. He has authored several articles on the subject in several news papers, career magazines, blogs electronic and audio video media. He has successfully initiated and developed an integrated approach to Career Counseling and Career Awareness Campaign by including parents, teachers, executives and academicians in the process. He is one among the earliest inspiring Career Counselors in India with profound knowledge, experience, vast academic back ground in education and career counseling. He has been providing educational, vocational, and personal and group counseling to students from class 10th to Post Graduates of leading schools, colleges and organizations devoted to career counseling awareness in India.  
Prof. Acharya has done his High School from Biswambhar Vidyapeeth, Puri in 1974 and Intermediate Science from S. C. S. College, Puri Orissa in 1976. After this he shifted to New Delhi in 1976 for higher studies and completed his B.A. in Political Science from Ramjas College (Delhi University) in 1979 and subsequently completed his M.A. in Political Science from Ramjas College (Delhi University) in 1981. He then got admitted to another prestigious university J.N.U. New Delhi for Doctoral programme. He completed his M.Phil 1984 and PhD in 1989 from the School of International Studies J.N.U., New Delhi. Moreover to his credit he has additional research experience from the Department of International Studies at University of Toronto and Mac Gill University Montreal, Canada in the due course of time he did his MBA in Marketing & HR from New Port University, California, USA to. To his credit he has presented various research articles in International Politics, Trade, Marketing and Career Development in various National and International forums.
Presently he is the Promoter of India’s leading educational portal www.admissionnews.com, New Delhi which deals with all college admissions and entrance examinations for the school and college students. He has been the official career counselor of a leading regional news paper' SAMAJA ORISSA'. He is also associated with various other print Medias, All India Radio, TV Channels. He is also conducting Career Guidance workshops and seminars all over India through various organizations and also giving his precious time to students, parents & executives for group and individual counseling with psychometric analysis along with his vast knowledge in career development.  
He has been in teaching faculty at premier educational organizations like JNU, New Delhi; IGNOU, New Delhi; Vision School of Management, Approved by AICTE, Govt of India (DIRECTOR); NICE Computer, Delhi; Academy of Management Studies, Orissa and others. He has been the Chief Executive of Erose Educational InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. He has been the founder Editor of student monthly career magazine ADMISSION NEWS.  
Prof. Acharya has conducted several Career Guidance Work shops for schools, colleges& organization all over India. To name few premier organization for whom Prof. Acharya has conducted Career Guidance Workshop are (indicative list): Person Education ELT & School, Noida: ONGC, Shivsagar, Assam; Ultra Tech Cement Works, Aditya Birla Group, Awarpur, Chandrapur, Nagpur ; Pearson Longman Education Services, New Delhi ; Amtuls Public School ,Nainital ;  NTPC, New Delhi ; NHPC, Rishikesh & Teheri ; IOC , Panipat ; CMC, Tata Group, New Delhi ; Rotary Club Mid Town, Bhadrak, Orissa ; Govt Of Tibet, Dharamsala ; Youth Opportunity Trust Asia (YOTA), New Delhi ; Tibet SOS Youth Hostel, Rohini, New Delhi ; Manush Utthan ( an NGO for education ), New Delhi: Educomp, Guragon: Everonn Education Limited, Chennai: Resonance IIT JEE coaching, New Delhi: Growithus Consulting Group, New Delhi and many more.  
Others Programmes: Dr Acharya provides workshop on Motivation, Personality Development, Managing School and Entrance Curriculum Together, Job Interview Skills, How to Remain Positive, Tackling Group Discussion and Interview.
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